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This is where we write things. You might even say it’s this site’s reason for being.

Annals of Superhuman Persistence: Vol. I: Barry Malzberg

from Down Here in the Dream Quarter, Doubleday, New York, 1976 pp. xvi-xxi   My first piece, written in 12/65 My second written three months later My third SF piece, written in September My fourth was written in 11/66.  Campbell told my agent

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Reversed Polarities

When I was very young, the gravity inside our house was accidentally reversed.  Upon crossing the threshold a person, unless he was prepared, would immediately fall upwards, cracking his head on the ceiling.  On one occasional, this effect paralyzed a mailman.  Those of us who knew what to expect partially rotated our bodies so as … Continue reading »

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Nice Stories

The Mystery of the Locked Room Murder Inspector Ford tried the knob.  It didn’t budge.  The heavy wooden door was locked from the inside. “Lord Bromley always takes breakfast at half nine, sir,” the butler, Remington, pontificated.  ”When he didn’t respond, that’s when we called the constabulary.” Inspector Ford knelt and looked through the keyhole.  … Continue reading »

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Nepotism is Great!

Nepotism is much maligned among losers without famous and rich parents, but in the most exclusive clubs in America, the truth is whispered: nepotism is great!  Nepotism is the lifeblood on which our society runs.  If you don’t believe me, just ask its beneficiaries.  I mean, who are you going to trust: a bunch of … Continue reading »

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Dating the Uzbek Way

As if their ability to consume mounds of boiled cabbage and not get fat isn’t enviable enough, Uzbek women have yet another reason to make their American counterparts jealous: their relationships. According to Gulshanoy Nebiyeva, author of What Uzbek Women Know: About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind, Uzbek women enjoy … Continue reading »

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I Had a Balloon

When I was a child, I had a balloon.  I enjoyed the balloon.  Whenever I met another child who also had a balloon, I would say, “This one is like me, he also has a balloon.”  There was an immediate bond between us.  If he asked me a favor, I would comply, reasoning that he … Continue reading »

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You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to be a Millionaire

There’s a lot of people in this country with tough jobs.  There’s the dog groomer, risking rabies every time he picks up his scissors.  There’s the chimney sweep, covered in soot and singing some nonsensical ditty in a Cockney accent.  There’s the chicken-sexer, constantly being propositioned by chickens.  But I think the worst job of … Continue reading »

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I wrote a book. The only way Domenech Fera can save his life is to abduct a child supergenius and find a man who disappeared a decade ago while speaking to the last surviving Artificial Intelligence. What was discussed at that meeting, why were all the other A.I.s destroyed in a plague, and why did … Continue reading »

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We get a lot of mail here at Weird Proof Headquarters, and while we try to respond to all of it, the sheer volume is overwhelming!  But since we love interacting with our many fans, we decided to devote a day to share some of the most intelligent, perspicacious, and flattering mash notes we’ve received … Continue reading »

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Press Release

It seems to be the received wisdom that books angled at the younger set are simply not quite the same thing as books aimed at adults: not quite as challenging to write, not quite as challenging to read. And it is my boring yet constant duty to explain that books for younger readers are some … Continue reading »

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