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About Allison Lonsdale

Allison Lonsdale was vatgrown from the combined DNA of Hunter S. Thompson and Margaret Cho. After decanting, she was raised on a strict diet of incubi. At maturity she escaped into the noosphere and traveled cross-country via phone numbers written on bathroom walls. Instantiating when a group of hackers looked into a mirror while chanting “Candyman”, she settled down to a quiet life of oneirophagy and beadwork. She casts no shadow.

One Response to About Allison Lonsdale

  1. Joie Aimee Cardinal

    Greetings, Allison:

    Your work intrigues me! In particular, your profile statement sent me running to,
    which has filled me with joy!

    I don’t bead, but I do felt wool into long, supple laces with which my friend {a bead person} and I create friendship bracelets.

    And I need to try WordPress again, as Blogger is as incomprehensible as Facebook, so no website to share.

    The casting no shadow reference, do you sparkle?

    Thank you again for sharing your work.

    Have fun with those incubi.

    Joi Cardinal

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