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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Make brains! Make Brains! or, The Laser of Life and Thought

Planetary atmosphere are entropy pumps. The surface of a atmosphere-clad planet is out of thermodynamic equilibrium, providing an inversion of available free energy, in the same way that a laser works through pumping a population inversion of metastable states. Life can be approximated as a classical refrigerator, using the locally available disequilibrium to pump out … Continue reading »

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Incredible Adventure Stories

Michael Dukakis bestrode the deck of the Alejandro Jodorowsky, his washboard abs rippling.  The mighty battleship cut through the turbulent seas, and cold, salty spray crashed over the bow.  “Maybe I should put a shirt on,” Dukakis mused. On the bridge, surveying the horizon with steely gray eyes, Dukakis pulled a crisp white tunic over … Continue reading »

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Fictive Dream: Disease

I had invited the personification of Disease to meet with me in my castle, which was partly in the physical realm and partly in a sort of dataspace. When she arrived, she looked like a woman in a robe of ragged lace, with long, tangled hair and solid white eyes.

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Not long ago I found myself sitting in a secluded booth toward the back of a Washington, DC-area steakhouse with a man whose name I can’t reveal, because he is one of this country’s leading psi-warriors.  “X-men, Jedi, whatever you want to call them,” he told me, “are real, and they live among us.” In … Continue reading »

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With Melissa Forethought

Fuzzy pink handcuffs binding his wrists to the chrome armrests of the Barcelona chair, Michael Dukakis reviewed the events that led him here with mathematical precision. Sometimes it was easy to believe the dwarf’s prophecy was true: that he would never become a real boy.  But always within him there was a powerful voice that … Continue reading »

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Mrs. Antioch’s Shadow

Mrs. Antioch had never read Jung or any of his disciples, and remained quite innocent of any knowledge of the Shadow.

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Table of Contents

Neo/Beckett.  “The Lost Ones” by Samuel Beckett Analyzed as a Precursor to “The Matrix,” or, Whoa! Enclosed Worlds as Ontological Ground-Situations! Derrida: Are We Pronouncing His Name Correctly? Philosopher Deathmatch: This Week: Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt versus Adamantine Friedrich Nietzsche.  We bring you the story straight from the Tel Aviv Thunderdome! 

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We May be Slowly Running Out of the Belief That We’re Running Out of Things, Libertarian Scientists Say

Washington, DC—          A new report issued by the Institute of Libertarian Science warns that within decades we may completely exhaust the earth’s supply of things to be worried that we’re exhausting the earth’s supply of.           “If we don’t start conserving the belief that there are things that need to be conserved, soon our … Continue reading »

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