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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Shattered: The Shattering True Story

San Diego, 2010.  I’m waking up.  I feel like someone poured the leftover milk from a bowl of Count Chocula over my brain and then it hardened.  And maybe the guy who was eating it didn’t really like Count Chocula that much, because there is still a lot of cereal floating in the milk.  And … Continue reading »

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Just a little glue. It beads along the fracture and I carefully daub off the excess with a swab, still paying no mind to the yammering of my boy. He’ll probably blubber and crunch up his fists because I won’t listen. The devil could learn about wickedness from that boy. From spite I don’t look … Continue reading »

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The Pharaoh’s Revenge!

Michael Dukakis turned with the feline grace of a tightly coiled spring.  The shadowy figure on the mezzanine moved through the shadows.  The figure wore a burgundy velvet robe with green fur cuffs, a matching fez, mint-condition first-generation Air Jordans, and carried an antique Turkish musket.  Keeping the gun trained on Dukakis, he descended the … Continue reading »

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