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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Mix ‘n’ Match

1) Jayne Mansfield 2) Saddam Hussein 3) Henri Poincaré 4) Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: An Introduction

 When you see this photo, do you think “John F. Kennedy”?  That was caused by your brain. People act the way they do because of their brains.  For example, when you put your shoes on, do you put your left on first, your right on first, or do you do sometimes one and sometimes the … Continue reading »

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My Testimony

            Where was I on the night of July 23rd?  I existed at a continuum of points along a route stretching from Lake Como, Italy, to the Lake Como simulation at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, aka “Fake Como.”  Nobody knew exactly where I was until they observed me, and even then … Continue reading »

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His Baryonic Life

He lay on the couch–a very tiny couch, so microscopic it took a cyclotron the size of an Ikea to resolve it–and told me his story. Here’s my story, Prof, he said. He was very still, though not quite motionless, but barely more than the quantum zero point motion. I was born in violence, Prof, … Continue reading »

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The Malevolence of Objects

Is your shampoo angling to make partner at the firm ahead of you? Is your wall-to-wall carpet convincing your friends to betray you to the secret police in exchange for special access to foreign-made luxury goods? Are your Brook Brothers shirts plotting to set your house on fire for the insurance money? 

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I am John Galt

The looters and moochers are gathering again, my friends.  We are now under the heel of an anarchist totalitarian voodoo doctor bent on destroying America.  For 50 years, they have plotted revenge.  Their weapon: a small modification to the tax code! See, right now you’re nodding your head.  This is so clear to you, because … Continue reading »

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