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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nice Stories

The Mystery of the Locked Room Murder Inspector Ford tried the knob.  It didn’t budge.  The heavy wooden door was locked from the inside. “Lord Bromley always takes breakfast at half nine, sir,” the butler, Remington, pontificated.  “When he didn’t respond, that’s when we called the constabulary.” Inspector Ford knelt and looked through the keyhole.  … Continue reading »

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Nepotism is Great!

Nepotism is much maligned among losers without famous and rich parents, but in the most exclusive clubs in America, the truth is whispered: nepotism is great!  Nepotism is the lifeblood on which our society runs.  If you don’t believe me, just ask its beneficiaries.  I mean, who are you going to trust: a bunch of … Continue reading »

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“I’ve always thought that I had the perfect hair to play Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. But now that I’m too old to play him, I feel that my hair has been wasted! Keeps me awake at night, man!” — James McAvoy Me too, James.  Me too.  

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