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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Towel Theory

In honor of Towel Day (okay, it was yesterday), please try this simple exercise. If you know enough about a character to write him or her convincingly, you can answer the question posed by Douglas Adams: Does he know where his towel is? Examples: Peter does not know where his towel is. Nikki tries to … Continue reading »

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Notes Toward a Dissertation on Books that End in Mid-sentence

What can we learn from books that end in mid-sentence?  Perhaps that periods, question marks, and exclamation marks ought to get down off their high horse.              By books that end in mid-sentence we mean of course only those that deliberately end thus, excluding those abrupt endings due to authorial demise like “The Last Tycoon” or historical … Continue reading »

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I, Roe-Bot

This was inspired by Cory Doctorow’s “I, Robot” and “I, Rowboat” and originally appeared online as part of International Pixel-Stained TechnoPeasant Day. I, Roe-Bot by Sharon Mock The salmon are spawning again.

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Funeral Suppers

Of course you don’t remember Jeremy, my dear; you weren’t born yet, so you didn’t get any of him,

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Sales Pitch

I used to be like you.  Scraping by from paycheck to paycheck.  Harrassed by debt-collectors. 

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Shining City – one

For the first time in fifteen years I looked up from my road to see the sky. Presumably every possible

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Hello, Zak here. This is the Weird Proof blog. My task today is getting all my fellow writers set up so they can post here too. The idea is that the lot of us will use this is a group platform for our writing. We’ll post links to our published work, snippets of ideas, old … Continue reading »

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