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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Mr. Bokchito

In the cool morning air, Mr. Bokchito boarded the computer-run monorail and settled into a seat.  He unfolded a newspaper and read it while the train accelerated with whisper-quiet efficiency.  Through he was completely familiar with the landscapes of his daily commute, he glanced out the window from time to time, and it was after … Continue reading »

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Cry for Me, Stara Zagora

Exercise Oct 11 2011 I know you won’t feel sorry for me. Stara Zagora is the most fabled city of the twenty-three real worldlines, and has sparkling echoes in nearly every of the one hundred and forty-four thousand shadow worlds. Perched on a marble hill overlooking a crystalline blue bay, the weather is near perfect … Continue reading »

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Even now, it’s hard to believe he’s really dead.  Not because his suicide is a priori implausible, but because the Liberal Lamestream Media™ can’t be trusted.  When a shooting star falls, we mourn its loss, even though we know it’s in a better place—namely, incinerated during its passage through the atmosphere. Where was I when … Continue reading »

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