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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Story Analysis: “Erosion” by Ian Creasey

 Note: As part of my own personal effort to try to plot better, I plan to try to do some plot analyses of SF stories, mostly those published in Year’s Best collections. “Erosion” by Ian Creasey, from Year’s Best SF 15, Hartwell and Cramer, eds. (2010) Summary: in the 22nd century, Earth is (still) … Continue reading »

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The Enema

by Charles Baudelaire My young foot is a tenebrous orange, Traversing a pair of brilliant suns; The tangent and the rain are fated to be ravaged, Like a quill resting in my garden of vermillion fruits. There, I touch the autonomy of ideas, And the fat quill employs the pelicans and the rats For reassembling … Continue reading »

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The Day I Became Swept Up in a Popular New Phenomenon

You already know about the phenomenon.  You, like millions of others, probably love it.  You probably find it incredible that anyone dislikes the phenomenon.  But, Reader, I confess: until recently I hated the phenomenon.  Until recently I found even the mention of the phenomenon obnoxious.  Any discussion of the huge amounts of money the phenomenon … Continue reading »

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Daniel the Restaurant

By T.S. Eliot (A translation from the French) The waiter deliberates about nothing: However chattersome, the dogs may not pinch his epaulets:           “In my country I fear pluvial times,           Of the wind, of the big sun, and of the rain;           They name the day of the lesser wars.”  (Bravo, cows of the … Continue reading »

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