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Author Archives: Zak

About Zak

Zak is a slime mold that got uppity. Feed him yeast.


The leaves of the tree wouldn’t have moved if they hadn’t been programmed to, but the light breeze caught them, enameled brass so thin they barely weighed more than a real leaf, and they rustled, glass-like against each other. Nearby the river rushed in whispering, rasping gouts, tiny quartz beads thrust into cataracts by jeweled … Continue reading »

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Unter Klaus und Dunkelnacht.

The stone room with your bed is brightly lit and the two doors have heavy bars. The buzzing scent of kerosene cuts through smoke and must. You don’t want to leave the room, but you have a task to do before you can go to bed. Continue reading »

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Flin Flon

The closest thing to the airstrip was the bar. It was named Bar. This far from civilization it was better not to pretend to own anything. Hercules knew Jordan, the owner, but he went in anyway. Continue reading »

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Just a little glue. It beads along the fracture and I carefully daub off the excess with a swab, still paying no mind to the yammering of my boy. He’ll probably blubber and crunch up his fists because I won’t listen. The devil could learn about wickedness from that boy. From spite I don’t look … Continue reading »

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Headstart Elan

Pre-conception screening hadn’t turned up anything, so the Kieslowski-Millers spent their entire discretionary health stipend on a Headstart Elan package for Harriet-to-be. Most parents of healthy children did. Continue reading »

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Etcheverry, Cordel, Fomalhaut

“Your first task,” he said trying to mime the body shape of the creature. “Is to convince it to evert its gastrocysts. It will only do that if you can offer it something enticing. I found quite by accident that it is overly fond of anything tannic. Leather, for instance.” Continue reading »

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After the tenth time of running the simulator, of tracing the paths of transistors plotted onto paper that fills the conference walls, I call my engineers and tell them to burn to metal. Only twelve nanometers now. The warren has gone so deep, so much farther than I could have imagined when I was cutting … Continue reading »

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Shining City – one

For the first time in fifteen years I looked up from my road to see the sky. Presumably every possible

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Hello, Zak here. This is the Weird Proof blog. My task today is getting all my fellow writers set up so they can post here too. The idea is that the lot of us will use this is a group platform for our writing. We’ll post links to our published work, snippets of ideas, old … Continue reading »

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