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The Day I Became Swept Up in a Popular New Phenomenon

Posted by on July 25, 2010

You already know about the phenomenon.  You, like millions of others, probably love it.  You probably find it incredible that anyone dislikes the phenomenon. 

But, Reader, I confess: until recently I hated the phenomenon.  Until recently I found even the mention of the phenomenon obnoxious.  Any discussion of the huge amounts of money the phenomenon was making made me green with envy. 

I’d heard people talking about the phenomenon.  Some people even recommended that I look into the phenomenon, but I dismissed them as fools. 

When I read that the phenomenon had brought a whole new generation of people to appreciate the medium of the phenomenon, I was unmoved, because appreciation of the medium of the phenomenon had always been one of my pastimes.  When I read that the person most responsible for the phenomenon was a person who created phenomena that people who don’t usually like phenomena of that type like, I thought it couldn’t possibly be any good, because as a person who usually likes phenomena of that type provided they are good phenomena, I looked down on people who don’t usually like phenomena of that type.  As someone who liked phenomena of that type, I believed that only a very good phenomenon of that type could satisfy me, and people who don’t usually like phenomena of that type are not good judges of what constitutes a good phenomenon of that type. 

But then, one day, I looked into the phenomenon.  And, Reader, I could not look away!  (I am of course speaking metaphorically; the phenomenon is not necessarily something that is “looked at” per se, although it may be such a thing.) 

Now I am a stalwart partisan of the phenomenon.  I endlessly pore over every aspect of the phenomenon.  I discuss the phenomenon in exhaustive detail with millions of my fellow enjoyers of the phenomenon on phenomenon-oriented websites.  No one is more devoted in their pursuit of new phenomenon-related materials and activities than me.  This phenomenon truly is the greatest thing since the popular phenomenon of last year.

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