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The Enema

by Charles Baudelaire My young foot is a tenebrous orange, Traversing a pair of brilliant suns; The tangent and the rain are fated to be ravaged, Like a quill resting in my garden of vermillion fruits. There, I touch the autonomy of ideas, And the fat quill employs the pelicans and the rats For reassembling … Continue reading »

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The Day I Became Swept Up in a Popular New Phenomenon

You already know about the phenomenon.  You, like millions of others, probably love it.  You probably find it incredible that anyone dislikes the phenomenon.  But, Reader, I confess: until recently I hated the phenomenon.  Until recently I found even the mention of the phenomenon obnoxious.  Any discussion of the huge amounts of money the phenomenon … Continue reading »

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Seven Imaginary Feasts by Lynette Dray

Posted with permission from Lynette Dray’s blog because it is so awesome I want the Weird Pudding members to read it.

The First Feast

The feast is held in a nautically-themed basement, somewhere in a distant and unedifying part of town. A reproduction of the last feast on the Titanic is served by a host of waiters in Pierre et Gilles sailor-boy costumes. As soon as the doors are closed, the noise of a tremendous rainstorm can be heard. A drip develops in the centre of the table. The first few courses are accompanied by the sounds of water trickling under the door. Continue reading »

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Peter Beagle Critique at BayCon 2010, Side A

“…a couple of good teachers in college who were able to affect my work, were able to make suggestions, were able to tell me ‘you really ought to abandon this one… it’s not salvageable,’ were somehow able to do it without ripping my guts out. They were brilliant at it. I still have every paper … Continue reading »

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Towel Theory

In honor of Towel Day (okay, it was yesterday), please try this simple exercise. If you know enough about a character to write him or her convincingly, you can answer the question posed by Douglas Adams: Does he know where his towel is? Examples: Peter does not know where his towel is. Nikki tries to … Continue reading »

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