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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Michael Dukakis 124C41+

Wet blond hair fell over pale shoulder blades illuminated only by the glow of the receding city lights like microelectronic circuitry.               “I don’t see how 50 metric tons of benzethydrine can just vanish into thin air,” Zoë said, toweling her hair with plush Egyptian cotton.              Michael Dukakis sat up in the temperfoam bed, … Continue reading »

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Seven Imaginary Feasts by Lynette Dray

Posted with permission from Lynette Dray’s blog because it is so awesome I want the Weird Pudding members to read it.

The First Feast

The feast is held in a nautically-themed basement, somewhere in a distant and unedifying part of town. A reproduction of the last feast on the Titanic is served by a host of waiters in Pierre et Gilles sailor-boy costumes. As soon as the doors are closed, the noise of a tremendous rainstorm can be heard. A drip develops in the centre of the table. The first few courses are accompanied by the sounds of water trickling under the door. Continue reading »

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Tenth anniversary gifts

for Donna, of course Ten seconds — a kiss. Ten minutes — hands clasped tight. Ten hours — warmth of our bodies nestled together. Ten days — a watch to count the seconds when we must be apart. Ten weeks — a secret joke only we two share. Ten months — salt tears for the … Continue reading »

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Peter Beagle Critique at BayCon 2010, Side A

“…a couple of good teachers in college who were able to affect my work, were able to make suggestions, were able to tell me ‘you really ought to abandon this one… it’s not salvageable,’ were somehow able to do it without ripping my guts out. They were brilliant at it. I still have every paper … Continue reading »

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After the tenth time of running the simulator, of tracing the paths of transistors plotted onto paper that fills the conference walls, I call my engineers and tell them to burn to metal. Only twelve nanometers now. The warren has gone so deep, so much farther than I could have imagined when I was cutting … Continue reading »

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Miss Marple, Psychic Detective

            Miss Marple, psychic detective, looked over the scene in silence.  A body was splayed across the red velvet blanket of a four-poster bed.              “The murder victim was found wearing a tutu and tricornered hat,” she said.  “Some people might find that strange, but in fact that was what Mr. … Continue reading »

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Remembrance of Time Defeated

The Hadronic Empress is startled awake by the sound of bleating klaxons. When she opens her eyes the flashing lights stab her vision, and she throws an arm, thin and wobbly like a chicken wing, across her face.  She tries to uncoil herself from her gilded Throne of a Million Triumphs, but her left leg … Continue reading »

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